EAPM Membership Survey 2016

For the first time, EAPM has run a survey among its 30 member associations with the objective of centralizing and sharing best practices of national HR associations on topics like types of membership, benefits for members as well as retention and attraction of members. The research was conducted in March and April 2016 by HR Club, the Romanian HR Association, and had a response rate of 82% (23 responses). Below you will find the main findings and the individual country responses.

EAPM Membership Survey – Final Analysis

EAPM Survey – Country Responses

HRCS Overview of findings and the presentation of Even Bolstad

Linked below is an initial overview that is designed to be a high level summary of the HRCS findings that you can use in your own publications or in local outlets HRCS EAPM HRCS Overview Column

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BCG/WFPMA Creating People Advantage 2014/2015 – Country Results

Please find linked below a report from BCG which summarizes the key HR priorities by participating country in the last WFPMA – BCG CPA global study, which is provided here. We are thankful to BCG for providing this report and I hope you all find it to be as interesting reading as we did. BCG_CPA_2014-2015_Country results_Jan2015

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WFPMA Talent Survey 2015

On January 9th, 2015, Jorge Jauregui (President WFPMA) and Pieter Haen (Past President WFPMA) invited the member organizations to the “WFPMA talent management for SMEs and FOBs research study” and announced the survey. Smaller organizations are the cornerstone and source of innovation in all economies worldwide. And talent management is key to company performance. With […]

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Human Resources Competency Study

EAPM have the privilege to participate in the next round of the HR Competency study. For the past twenty-five years the Human Resource Competency Study (HRCS) has identified crucial abilities for HR professionals and high-performance leaders. This is Round 7 of this study and asks… What impact does HR have on financial performance? What is HR’s […]

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