APG – Portuguese Association of People Management

Address : Avenida António Augusto de Aguiar, 106-7º, 1050-019 Lisboa
Phone number : +351 213 522 717
Fax number : +351 213 522 713
Website : http://www.apg.pt/
Email address : global@apg.pt



Mário Ceitil

Executive Director:

Vítor Carvalho

International Manager:

Mário Ceitil

Date Association Founded:


National Employers’ Association:

CCP – Portuguese Commerce and Services Confederation: Avenida D. Vasco da Gama, 29 – 1449-032, Lisbon, Portugal; CIP – Portuguese Business Confederation: Praça das Indústrias – 1300-307 Lisbon, Portugal; CAP – Portuguese Farmers Confederataion: Rua Mestre Lima de Freitas, 1 1786 – 1549-012, Lisbon, Portugal; CTP – Portuguese Tourism Confederation: Avenida 5 de Outubro, 54 – 2º Dto. 1050-058 Lisbon, Portugal

National Unions’ Association:

CGTP/IN – General Confederation of National Workers: Rua Victor Cordon, 1 – 1249-102 Lisbon, Portugal; UGT – General Union of Workers: Avenida Almirante Gago Coutinho, 132 – 1700-033 Lisbon, Portugal

Government Employment Office:

Ministry of Work, Solidarity and Social Security, Praça de Londres, 2 – 15º, 1049-056 Lisbon, Portugal
Secretary State of Employmet, Praça de Londres, 2 – 15º, 1049-056 Lisbon, Portugal

Total Number Of Members:


Membership Categories:

Individuals (professionals and students) and organisations

Number of Regional Branches:


Recognition of other External Qualifications:

Trainers’ & Coaches Group of Experts

Title of Primary Publication and Frequency of Issue:

“Pessoal” magazine (monthly) and “Pessoalmente” newsletter (biweekly)

Details of Professional Education Schemes:

Workshops, training courses, seminars and conferences in subjects related to HRM

Annual National Conference Dates:

49th APG National Conference: “People Management in a Digital World”, 26th October 2016, in Lisbon; 4th APG National Employment Conference, 2016; 2nd APG Coaching National Conference, 21st November 2016, in Porto