Estonian Association for Personnel Development (PARE)

Address : Office: Jõe 5, 10151 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone number : +372 611 6411
Fax number : +372 611 6410
Website :
Email address :

Other information


Milvi Tepp

Milvi Tepp

Executive Director:

Ene Olle, Tel. +372 611 6410

International Manager:

Mariliis Aigro, Tel. +372 611 6410

Date Association Founded:


National Employers’ Association:

Estonian Employers’ Confederation, tel. +372 699 9301,

National Unions’ Association:

The Estonian Trade Union Confederation, tel. +372 641 2800,

Government Employment Office:

Ministry of Social Affairs, tel. +372 626 9301,

Total Number Of Members:

300 (220 organisational, 80 individual)

Membership Categories:

Organisational and individual

Number of Regional Branches:


Recognition of other External Qualifications:


Title of Primary Publication and Frequency of Issue:

Monthly electronic bulletin

Details of Professional Education Schemes:

PARE provides basic HR training and training programme for HR managers in strategic level in the organisations

Other Activities:

Club events and discussion groups, training programmes, HR professional standard, annual awards “Best HR Project” and “Best Potential in HR Management”, professional advisory services, regional and international networking, policy development, social activities

Annual National Conference Dates:

Annual HRM Conference 10-11 April 2014
Read more about the HRM Conference at

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