The UK and the EU – Together Forever?

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United Kingdom – Skills scare

Almost 85 percent of U.K. CEOs are concerned about the availability of key skills in the workforce, according to the 2015 Global CEO Survey report by PricewaterhouseCoopers—a considerable rise from last year’s 64 percent and higher than amounts in other European countries. Two-thirds of U.K. CEOs (67 percent) believe that creating a skilled and adaptable workforce should be a priority […]

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A great TED talk which is of strong interest for HR professionals worldwide.

The TED talk by Rainer Strack presents BCG’s latest insights on the workforce crisis expected by 2030. The long-year co-author of our Creating People Advantage study and leading HR expert discusses the upcoming crisis and explains how to mitigate it in a well-recognized video which has now been viewed over 260,000 times since its release […]

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The impact of EU migrant labour in the UK

Check out the first EU Briefing by Rachel Suff; the-impact-of-eu-migrant-labour-in-the-uk_2014

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CIPD publishes new study on migration and the UK labour market

Report finds growing businesses are engaging migrant labour for their experience and commitment, but also more likely to offer job entry opportunities in their local communities Employers who’ve turned to EU migrants to fill vacancies in recent years say they’ve done so because these recruits have brought the experience and commitment needed to support growth, […]

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