Italy- Job reforms

Italy’s Parliament has approved reforms to make the country’s job market more flexible. The Jobs Act simplifies hiring and firing rules for firms by cancelling the right of workers to reinstatement in most cases of layoffs. It also broadens the current unemployment welfare system and introduces a new single contract that gives all new employees progressive job security. The reform was strongly contested by unions and leftist parties who believe it will significantly reduce protections for new employees without significantly affecting current levels of unemployment, which reached a record high of 13.4 percent last year.

Exploring the impact of corporate sustainability on HR role and practices – Research report January 2015

Sustainability has become one of the most fundamental challenges for business and society in the coming years, considered the key for survival and longevity of organizations and planet. The topic is really urgent and relevant; indeed sustainability, intended as the balance among economic, social and environmental performance of the firm, is becoming a key factor […]

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