IUNO Update – August 2015


Case C‑222/14



References for a preliminary ruling — Social policy — Directive 96/34/EC — Framework agreement on parental leave — Clause 2.1 –Individual right to parental leave on the grounds of the birth of a child –National legislation denying the right to such leave for a staff member whose wife does not work — Directive 2006/54/EC — Equal treatment of men and women in matters of employment and occupation — Articles 2(1)(a) and 14(1)(c) — Working conditions — Direct discrimination




Regojo Dans

Case C-177/14



Reference for a preliminary ruling — Social policy — Directive 1999/70/EC — Framework agreement on fixed-term work concluded by ETUC, UNICE and CEEP — Clauses 3 and 4 — Principle of non-discrimination — ‘Non-permanent staff’ − Refusal to grant a three-yearly length-of-service increment — Objective grounds




Commission v Ireland

Case C-87/14



Failure of a Member State to fulfil obligations — Directive 2003/88/EC — Organisation of working time — Organisation of working time of doctors in training


IUNO Update – June 2015

Raad van bestuur van de Sociale verzekeringsbank Case C‑543/13 Judgment 04/06/2015 Reference for a preliminary ruling — Social security for migrant workers — Regulation (EEC) No 1408/71 — Article 27 — Annex VI, section R, point 1(a) and (b) — Concept of pensions payable under the legislation of two or more Member States — Benefits […]

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IUNO Update – May 2015

Lyttle and Others Case C-182/13 Judgment 13/05/2015 Reference for a preliminary ruling — Social policy — Collective redundancies — Directive 98/59/EC — Article 1(1)(a) — Meaning of ‘establishment’ — Method of calculating the number of workers made redundant http://curia.europa.eu/juris/fiche.jsf;jsessionid=9ea7d2dc30dde237a1192abd4a3db55a992033e8dcd6.e34KaxiLc3qMb40Rch0SaxuQahj0?id=C%3B182%3B13%3BRP%3B1%3BP%3B1%3BC2013%2F0182%2FJ&pro=&lgrec=en&nat=or&oqp=&dates=&lg=&language=en&jur=C%2CT%2CF&cit=none%252CC%252CCJ%252CR%252C2008E%252C%252C%252C%252C%252C%252C%252C%252C%252C%252Ctrue%252Cfalse%252Cfalse&num=C-182%252F13&td=%3BALL&pcs=Oor&avg=&mat=or&jge=&for=&cid=443479     Rabal Cañas Case C-392/13 Judgment 13/05/2015 Reference for a preliminary ruling — Social policy […]

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IUNO Update – April 2015

AKT Case C-533/13 Judgment 17/03/2015 Reference for a preliminary ruling — Social policy — Directive 2008/104/EC — Temporary agency work — Article 4(1) — Prohibitions or restrictions on the use of temporary agency work — Justification — Grounds of general interest — Obligation to review — Scope http://curia.europa.eu/juris/fiche.jsf?pro=&lgrec=da&nat=or&oqp=&lg=&dates=&language=en&id=C%3B533%3B13%3BRP%3B1%3BP%3B1%3BC2013%2F0533%2FJ&jur=C%2CT%2CF&cit=none%252CC%252CCJ%252CR%252C2008E%252C%252C%252C%252C%252C%252C%252C%252C%252C%252Ctrue%252Cfalse%252Cfalse&num=c-533%252F13&td=%3BALL&pcs=Oor&avg=&mat=or&jge=&for=&cid=561574     Commission v Ireland Case C-87/14 […]

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IUNO Update – February 2015

  Melchior Case C-647/13 Judgment 4 February 2015 ference for a preliminary ruling – Social security – Conditions governing eligibility for unemployment benefit in a Member State – Taking into account periods of work completed as a member of the contract staff of an institution of the European Union which is established in that Member […]

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