About EAPM


The Association forms an umbrella body of national organisations which represent HR professionals. It is purely professional and specialist in nature. It is an experience exchange organisation without profit-related objectives. It is independent of all employers, trade union, state or political bodies. The Association operates under Swiss Law.

Objectives and activities

The EAPM is the European representative body for people management and it also maintains relations with non-European countries.

The EAPM seeks to promote and develop knowledge of people issues, HR activities, and their importance to industry, commerce and both public and private sector administration.

The EAPM will provide encouragement and support to personnel experts to set up and develop their own national associations in European countries which do not yet have them.

The EAPM will establish and maintain contacts with its member organisations and with other national and international organisations active in the same or similar fields.The EAPM will organise conferences, congresses and study visits; it will publish information and pursue all other objectives which directly or indirectly correspond to the aims of the Association.
The EAPM is governed by the EAPM Executive Committee. The EAPM Working Group is a sub committee of the Executive Committee.